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Transport for London / PCO Licence no 08004/01/01
25 - Jan - 2018

IPPR Report: London Receives More Than Double the North in Transport Investment

A report by think tank IPPR has revealed that planned transport investment in London is more than double what the North England receives. London gets two-and-a-half times more per person than north of England.

IPPR said the capital will receive £4,155 per person compared with £1,600 in the North West, North East, Yorkshire and Humber combined.

IPPR based their analysis on information from the government's Infrastructure and Projects Authority and analysis of Treasury data.

According to the think tank, the current transport investment will leave England “dangerously imbalanced”. The government on the other hand said the figures are “completely misleading”.

According to the government, North of England will receive more investment per person at £1,039 compared to the south at £1,029.

The IPPR termed the government claim as misleading because TfL figures were excluded from the government data and the government's analysis only covers until 2020/21 after which a “large portion” of spending will go to the capital.

The government said the TfL figures should not be included, as it does not receive any central funding.

The BBC reported, Luke Raikes, of IPPR North, said: “London is still set to receive almost three times more transport investment per person than the north. This is indefensible.

“The north has been underfunded in comparison with London for decades and ministers have failed to redress this imbalance.”

A government representative said IPPR's analysis was “completely misleading” and “highly unrepresentative” as very few projects have published spending projections beyond 2021.

He further said it was “misleading for their analysis to include TfL projects, which receive no central government funding.”

By Oliver Derek-Airport Pickups London