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7 - Jun - 2018

Stansted Ranked Second Worst Airport in the World

A new study has ranked Stansted Airport as second worst airport in the world, and EasyJet as the worst British airline and fourth worst airline in the world. 

The study done by Flight compensation company AirHelp, looked at the punctuality, quality of service and the time it takes to process claims at 141 airports and 71 airlines around the world.

Qatar Airways came in top followed by Luthfansa and Etihad Airways.  Kuwait International was the worst performer followed by Stansted, which came in at 140th place.

Virgin Atlantic was the only British Airline that was in the top 10 position. Flybe came in at 14th place while British Airways was 21st. EasyJet came in position 69 out of 71 while Jet2.com came in at 61st place.

While speaking to The Sun, a Stansted Airport spokesperson termed the report as “flawed and inaccurate”.

The spokesperson said, “As with their previous PR initiatives, this latest survey from AirHelp is purely a self-serving exercise based on very little or no substantive evidence and designed to promote a company seeking to take a share of flight compensation claims.”

 “Flights arrive and depart late at airports for reasons beyond our control, just as trains arrive late in train stations for reasons beyond the control of train station operators.”

A spokesperson for Easyjet said: “We absolutely do not recognise these findings. EasyJet takes its responsibilities under Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 extremely seriously and will always pay compensation when it is due.

“We offer simple webforms easily found on our website and are currently processing valid claims in less than 21 days. We have plans to further improve this payment processing time later this year.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our passengers to claim with us directly rather than sacrificing a significant portion of their compensation to other organisations like AirHelp unnecessarily.”

AirHelp CEO and co-founder Henrik Zillmer said: “For some time now UK airports have seemingly been in the news for all the wrong reasons and that has been realised in this data.

“The UK is enviably positioned when it comes to physical movement of people globally, but this report needs to serve as a wake-up call when it comes to actual performance. “Passengers are clearly not happy and while it will be a challenge to address the issues highlighted in this report, it is also an opportunity to halt the decline in performance and provide consumers with a better experience.”

By Airport Pickups London