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Transport for London / PCO Licence no 08004/01/01
15 - Jan - 2018

London’s Low-emissions Bus Zones Praised for Lowering Air Toxicity Levels Overnight 

Some of London’s most polluted streets can now boast of cleaner air due to the introduction of low-emission bus zones by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Last year, London’s air broke authorized limits on annual levels of traffic fumes, just 120 hours into the beginning of 2017. No road based annual toxicity limits have been exceeded since the beginning of this year.

According to the Evening Standard, Frank Kelly, environmental health professor at King’s College London (KCL) said the Mayor’s program might have led to an “overnight improvement”.

He further said, “If you remove the vehicles that create the problem, pollution just disappears. It’s as simple as that. The introduction of these eco-buses in places like Putney High Street would be a main reason why we have seen an improvement.”

In December, Mayor Khan said Putney High Street, saw a 90% reduction in hourly breaches of toxic air after the introduction of the new buses.

The EU requirements for the average hourly nitrogen dioxide must not exceed 200 micrograms per cubic metre more than 18 times in a year. This limit was broken in five days last year according to readings taken from Brixton Road.

Apart from the buses, the weather has also played a role in increasing toxicity levels in the city according to Professor Kelly.

He said: “When we see the very worst of levels of pollution in London it is totally down to the weather. [Toxic air] travels from other countries like France and contributes to it here. It’s a global problem, not just London’s.” The Evening Standard reported. 

By Oliver Derek - Airport Pickups Londoin