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Transport for London / PCO Licence no 08004/01/01
8 - Jun - 2018

‘Kiss and Fly’ Charge on Cars to Be Imposed if Third Runway is Built at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport bosses have proposed the imposition of a “Kiss and Fly” charge on vehicles picking up or dropping off passengers outside terminals if expansion plans are given a go ahead.

The charge will be one of the measures used in curbing air pollution at the west London airport.

Other suggestion by the bosses include imposing a surcharge on vehicles that excessively pollute the air, an access charge for motorists seeking to enter the airport and moving car parks further away to discourage motorists from driving into the airport.

Buses and taxis considered low-emission and low traffic generating vehicles could be given priority access to terminals. 

A Heathrow spokesman said: “Promoting sustainable transport to the airport is a key part of our strategy to reduce road emissions at Heathrow. 

“We’re consulting on a number of measures – including a potential emissions charge for those using the airport and an airport low-emissions zone – which will help us meet air quality obligations at Heathrow.” The Evening Standard reported.

Under the expansion plans, more travellers will be encouraged to use public transport by using the Crossrail, the Western and Southern rail links and HS2 high speed rail line.

Some of the local folk who live near Heathrow Airport however believe that the £14billion third-runway project will cause more pollution.

John Stewart, chairman of anti-third runway group HACAN, said: “The very fact that Heathrow have got to think about something as unpopular as special charges on motorists indicates that air pollution is potentially a very serious problem indeed.”

Heathrow bosses however assured that the proposed charges will only be implemented if other measures like better public transport fail to yield results.

By Airprt Pickups London