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22 - Oct - 2018

Addison Lee Announces Plans to Use Self Driving by 2021



Private car hire firm Addison Lee plans to use self-driving taxis by 2021, just three years from now.

Addison Lee has signed a deal with self-driving software specialist Oxbotica to develop and deploy autonomous vehicles in the city.

The two companies are planning to develop digital maps for public roads in and around the capital. The maps will show every kerb, road sign, landmark and traffic light.

Addison Lee chief executive Andy Boland said, “Urban transport will change beyond recognition in the next 10 years with the introduction of self-driving services, and we intend to be at the very forefront of this change by acting now.

“Autonomous technology holds the key to many of the challenges we face in transport. By providing ride-sharing services, we can help address congestion, free space used for parking and improve urban air quality through zero-emission vehicles.”

Graeme Smith, chief executive of Oxbotica, said: “This represents a huge leap towards bringing autonomous vehicles into mainstream use on the streets of London, and eventually in cities across the United Kingdom and beyond.”

Chancellor Philip Hammond last year said he wanted “genuine driverless vehicles” on Britain's roads, also by 2021

It is predicted that the car services market will be worth GBP28 billion in the UK by 2035 and Addison Lee is looking to take a slice of the market.

Addison Lee will be competing with Uber for market share as Uber is also looking to introduce driver-less taxis in the future —pending regulatory permission.

Other companies investing in driver-less car technology include Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler, Ford and General Motors.

However, there have been warnings that the cars are being introduced before their time following the fatal accident of a pedestrian when Uber was testing a self-driving car in the USA.


By Airport Pickups London