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18 - Jun - 2014

New Stansted Airport Routes Arrangement To Ease Heathrow Congestion 

The air traffic control service (NATS) put forward a proposal to change the routes of some of the flights that operate from Stansted Airport so as to ease congestion above Heathrow airport. Most of the Stansted departures should be redirected to the east of the airport, an existing route, from established southerly route. However, there aren’t new routes proposed and changes would impinge on daytime departures only. The Air traffic control service has started a 12 week consultation regarding the proposals. These proposals fit into a wider agenda of change towards modernizing air route system in South East. 

NATS in a statement, added that the planned changes would perk up efficiency and ease delays in the south. NATS’ General Manager, Paul Haskins also said that, currently, Stansted departures heading to the South East are kept back lower for longer as compared to the route heading east due to Heathrow arrivals. Therefore, shifting most of the departures from one route to another is bound to improve the movement of aircraft around London as well as entirely increasing the Airport’s operations.

Stansted Airport’s head of public affairs, Chris Wiggan also confirmed that the airport supported NATS’ proposal. The consultation plan is going to provide a ground for people to play an active part in the process since efficient and safe management of airspace in South and East England is an imperative matter; the airports’ head of public affairs added.

Martin Peachey, of Campaign Group Stop Stansted Expansion noise adviser said that for those living around and near Stansted Airport, there will be the advantaged and the disadvantaged. He also added that they will support all efforts to decrease carbon emission and aircraft noise. The group will give its opinions to advising parish councils under the easterly course as well as NATS about airing their views. 

By Oliver Derek