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7 - May - 2015

Heathrow’s plans target a quiet expansion

The Chief Executive of Heathrow Airport, John Holland Kaye, has suggested the possibility of a third runway at the Airport.  For this to happen, early morning services may need to be stopped as a condition for the runway to be built. This will certainly please those campaigners who live under the flight path.  Up to 18 planes currently land between 4.30 and 6am and this has proven a problem for nearby sleep deprived residents.  Surely, however, people needed to factor in the airport when moving to the area but the possible runway expansion will no doubt please them. 

It is proposed that the third runway will be used for regular night time traffic and its location will offer some respite for those living nearby. Mr Kaye understands that it is important to build customer relations whilst operating a thriving airport. The third runway will benefit residents by being in the new location and new aircraft technology will cut down on noise pollution. It is possible too that the airport may provide free noise insulation and compensation to those affected by the noise of airport traffic.  Heathrow are spending £550 million on noise reduction and property compensation schemes and have contacted 180,000 homes and businesses to share their opinions on the new proposals. 

The third runway is one of three options shortlisted by the Airport’s Commission to create a more convenient and accessible service.  The hope is to deliver improved economic growth from international connections to Asia, North America and South America.  Heathrow is the better situated airport to connect the UK to other global markets and could generate around £100 billion in economic benefits and create 100,000 new jobs. The advantages of expanding the airport are clear and with Heathrow’s proposed plans this should not be at the detriment of residents who have thus far been frustrated at lack of sleep and regular patterns of noise.

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