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23 - May - 2014

New IT Solution Implemented At Gatwick



London Gatwick has installed IBS systems to enhance its efficiency. IBS software is one of the top IT solutions provider created for the aviation industry. The airport has now successfully implemented airport collaborative decision making tools (ACDM). The ACDM will complement the software solutions that are already in place. Apart from the tools, intelligent alert and the alert distributor have began its operations. DPI message processing, generation and flight monitor have also gone live at the airport.

Being the second busiest airport in the world and serving 200 different destinations of the world, Gatwick handles an average of 34 million passengers every year. Covering 90 countries, the airport offers both short and long haul flights. The new system tools will enhance collaboration with other partners hence improving service delivery of the airport. The tools will also reduce emissions and operating costs that were in the past faced by the airport.

IBS solutions that had been implemented some time ago covered areas like departure control, ground handling and resource management. The newer systems will enhance planning, management and tracking of flights. It will help improve the usage of airport resources. The programme leader of the company offering the solutions said that IBS is a complementing addition to the already existing systems at Gatwick. He added that the company was indeed pleased to be working with the airport and contributing an element that will make the airport more productive.

The company conducts its operations from nine different business centres in the Middle East, in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. It not only offers solutions to the aviation industry but also in overall transportation, in the hospitality industry, in gas and oil industry. A spokesman at Gatwick confirmed that the solution is a great asset to the airport as it would improve its operations. This would in turn promote quality service delivery for all the passengers passing through Gatwick airport.