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25 - Aug - 2014

Gatwick experience more pressure to stop the flight path over West Kent


Gatwick airport has concluded the consultations over the controversial flights through West Kent. In the agreement, it was proposed that the airport would change the flights paths but the campaigners maintained their stand to oppose the plans.

Gatwick Airport Conservation Campaign responded saying there were plans to pressure the MPs to ensure those affected by the flight paths were compensated as opposed to the original scheme of compensation which only considered those people living close to motorways.

The campaigners said they were shocked that the exercise was not open as expected and, therefore, they would look for ways to overturn the consultations. Awareness about the health issues associated with noise pollution is what drives the campaigners. Noise pollution is known to cause so many health issues to humans including loss of hearing, stress and cardiovascular defects.

The campaigners also said that flights to any of these three routes would not be environmentally acceptable and they would continue opposing. They concluded that there was no case agreed on to alter the current flight paths to the west and, so, none of the new proposed routes should be adopted. These changes have caused anger to the residents more so those from Lingfield to Tunbridge Wells.

In the document, it was recommended that the aircraft regulations were further in line with the way roads are dealt with. It also indicated that MPs were requested to amend the Land Compensation Act1973 which only includes compensation of the people whose houses have been devalued in the construction process and which the house holder must prove with a surveyor’s report.

They say this act should be amended to include the construction of new “super highways” in the sky.


By Oliver Derek