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11 - Dec - 2014

Gatwick Airport rallies Town halls towards its expansion.



Gatwick is lobbying town hallsin south London to support their expansion plan. The Bosses at Gatwick are saying that a second runway at Gatwick is much better suited for South London residents more than Heathrow. The west Sussex airport says the expansion would lead to 22000 more jobs and bring £43 million in investments in infrastructure.

Wands worth council has already thrown its weight behind the expansion at Gatwick. Gatwick is counting on the backing of other councils such as Southwark Lewisham and Lambeth councils which are against expansion at Heathrow due to the Noise pollution that is expected to come from it and its impact to the residents of those towns

The airport commission’s public consultations with residents in towns which would be affected by the expansion are currently underway. Mcderid, Gatwick director, says that anyone in central London opposed to the expansion at Heathrow should use those sessions to make their views known. Among Gatwick’s expansion campaigners areresidents of central London affected by ever increasing noise levels at Heathrow.

Gatwick Boss, though not entirely, declares that there would be no adverse effects. He argues that among the two airports, Gatwick will bring more benefits than Heathrow. Residents have been encouraged to support the exercise as this will be of benefit to them too. John Stewart has been one of the leading campaigners against the expansion of the airport claiming that this would result to high levels of noise pollution.

Airports expansion has been linked with noise pollution as well as increased carbon emissions. Although there would still be an increase in this pollution at Gatwick, its bosses argue, it would affect far much less people than expansion at Heathrow would.

Heathrow’s expansion is estimated to cost over £4billion more than Gatwick. Gatwick expansion is, however, poised to generate more economic benefits to UK than Heathrow.

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