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23 - Feb - 2015

Gatwick airport boss warns government against vouching for Heathrow expansion.

Gatwick Obiously

Sir Roy McNulty, Chairman at Gatwick airport, has warned of public backlash if the government goes ahead with endorsing the construction of an additional runway at Heathrow airport. The Gatwick airport boss is playing the political card. He said people living under the flight path will direct their fury towards David Cameron, who promised them there wouldn’t be further expansion at Heathrow during campaigns in the last election.

Tuesday this week, the airports commission consultations on the expansion will come to an end shining the spotlight on the airport expansion debate as the elections come closer. The commission last year threw out the idea of London’s Mayor Borris Johnson of a new four runway airport in the Thames estuary. They termed the choice as unrealistic

Sir Roy said it would be ironical for most politicians to talk much about environmental impacts in campaign manifestos, while they support airport expansion where there are clear and serious negative environmental impacts. The commission’s data shows an increase of the people who would be affected by noise pollution in the event that expansion goes through at Heathrow airport.

Campaigners against expansion at Heathrow airport will be staging a protest at 11Downing Streeton reminding the prime minister of the promises he made during the last election. The protesters say they are targeting Downing Street because a decision on expansion they reckon, will be a political one. The recommendations of the airports commission can be overridden by political views.

Campaigners for a third runway at Heathrow airport, maintain that they will mitigate any environmental concerns of noise and air pollution. They maintain that its close proximity to the capital and elaborate transport links make it the only viable option for UK to maximise job creation and economic growth in the UK

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