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2 - Jul - 2014

Unusual And Wonderful Objects Seized At Edinburgh Airport

Security chiefs have, this year, seized a collection of wonderful objects carried by passengers at Edinburgh Airport. These items are carried mostly by foreign visitors whose customs allow their possession but not allowed in the UK. For instance, the French people travel with small knives which they use for eating fruits but this is not accepted in the UK. Over 25 tones of liquid have also been collected from the passengers‘luggages who repeatedly flout the ban of containers with gels and liquids exceeding 100ml.

Other objects seized in this year include water pistols, a TUB of jam, Christmas snow globes, bolt cutters and screw drivers.

It has been one of the busiest weekends in the year as the airport has recorded a huge number of travelers. Most families are taking flights for the start of the school holidays and about 100,000 people took flight from the airport over the weekend.

A higher number of travelers are expected in the next weekend and the security officers have reissued orders concerning the banned items and liquids which are also expected to be high. Julie Matthews, the Airport security manager, said that they expected their customers to have such items since their countries do not have such strict rules as the UK but their security men were prepared for what was expected to be the busiest week.

The ban on carrying liquids exceeding 100ml at airports was introduced in the UK in 2006. However, in 2008, several cans of deodorant were collected from the passengers who had no idea of the rules that govern carrying of gels and liquids.

The confiscated items including aerosols, sharp objects and plastic are recycled or binned as they can cause harm to the environment and to human health.