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19 - Jun - 2012

Don't Drive When Tired (Take an Airport Taxi Instead!)


Our London airport taxi service isnt just a nice little treat to wrap up a relaxing mini-break or work-heavy business trip. Driving to and from the airport can be stressful or even dangerous for those returning on long haul flights at the risk of extreme fatigue and jet lag. 

The Statistics

The Department of Transport estimates more than 300 people per year are killed as a result of falling asleep at the wheel. Adding credence to that statistic, the AA reports 63% of U.K drivers aren’t taking enough breaks on car journeys to aid alert driving. A survey by WhatCar? also found 40% of drivers questioned admitted to falling asleep at the wheel, 22% of those said it had happened more than once.

Sighs You Should Take a Break 

  • Yawning
  • Sore/loose neck
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Unintentional speed variations (e.g. slowing without realising)
  • Sore or heavy eyes with blurry vision
  • Seeing things that aren’t there (e.g. flinching at a hazard in the road that doesn’t exist)
  • Drifting across lanes

Is that how you want your trip to end?

The drive from somewhere like Cambridge to Heathrow is pleasant enough, but an airport taxi is a great way to tick a box and cross off one more worry from the proverbial list! Heathrow to Southampton, Gatwick to Heathrow – whatever your journey – take a taxi, relax and enjoy a nap on the way!