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17 - Jun - 2012

Booking airport transfers during the busy summer season


This summer, plenty of Britons are heading abroad in search of sunnier climes and relaxation. If you're among those planning to jet off for some well earned rest, you might want to think about booking a London airport taxi. 

This can help ensure you start and end your adventures in style and means you don't have to worry about arranging parking or getting public transport.

It may pay off to book in advance 

It might be a good idea to book your taxi to Heathrow or to another London hub sooner rather than later. After all, plenty of people will be travelling through these airports over coming weeks and months and so it's important to take advantage of availability while you can.

A firm has noted that many individuals might be making the most of the strong pound to benefit from great value vacations. According to the Post Office Travel Money, economic troubles on the continent mean UK consumers can get great holiday deals. Thanks to the euro crisis and the relative strength of the pound against other a number of other currencies, holidaymakers can enjoy discounts of up to 25 per cent on their holidays compared with last year.

Indeed, the pound-euro exchange rate means that for every £500 that is converted into euros, individuals can get an additional £47.41 compared with last summer.

Other deals 

It's not only nations in the eurozone that hold opportunities for tourists, the firm added. It noted that those who travel to Rio in Brazil will have increased spending power of 24.5 per cent this year, while people who go to Mexico will buy 15.7 per cent more Mexican pesos.

Also, holidaymakers who head to South Africa will be able to get 16.7 per cent more for their money this year.

Plenty of options

Commenting on the increased spending power of Britons, Post Office head of travel money Andrew Brown said: "Although the increasing value of sterling against the euro has dominated the headlines, there are very few places where the pound is not packing a stronger punch this year. Our advice is for people to keep a close eye on exchange rates for all the destinations they are considering so they can judge where they will get the best return on their money.

"There are signs that the power of the pound is making people increasingly savvy both about their choice of destination and their spending habits."

A shrewd choice 

Meanwhile, if you're keen to benefit from smooth, hassle free trips to and from your transport hub of choice, you've come to the right place.

Here at Airport Pickups London we can offer you a range of transport options. Whether you're looking for a Gatwick airport taxi or any other service, it's worth taking a look around our website.

Peace of mind 

Arranging your transport with us means you have one less thing to worry about and the earlier you book your trips, the sooner you can forget about this logistical issue. Thankfully, the process of booking couldn't be easier.