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1 - May - 2012

Relieve Stress With London Airport Taxis


With the prospect of the Olympics, London has had to take a long hard look at the sort of infrastructure that it is offering a potential influx of tens of thousands more people. Can it cope? Nearly every Tube station will invariably become an intense hub of activity from opening until closing time and this can mean one thing for many people with luggage - havoc! In order to minimize the amount of stress and disruption trying to get through the Tube with luggage can cause, it might be a better idea to book a taxi that can safely navigate you through the city at your own leisure. A Heathrow taxi can pick you up and take you, your family, or your party to a destination quickly and easily. It will allow you to take in the London sights on your terms, rather than through throngs of people, and with expert taxi drivers who know how to use their own knowledge of London, Heathrow transfers will find a way of delivering you to your destination.

At Airport Pickups London, we pride ourselves on employing the best drivers who don’t always have to rely on a satnav to go anywhere. In fact, by relying on their knowledge of the London streets, they’ll be able to reduce the amount of time that you could end up wasting sat in a car. One of the worst aspects of a holiday is meeting traffic, whether that’s pedestrian or vehicle, and if you are tired after the journey, you will find our cars more than meet your requirements to have a sleep. Our taxi service has been developed to understand your requirements which is why we offer a free meet and greet, along with free waiting time and no extra charge if you want to use your card. This is the way we think that taxi services should be run, particularly if you are part of a business and are relying on an exceptional solution that can deliver you to your destination on time. For those private parties who are travelling, we also offer a free baby seat, which can make all the difference and allow you to relax.

One of the best services that we offer is the Gatwick Heathrow transfer. Many people land at Gatwick and require swift transportation to Heathrow, but the Tube can be very unreliable, or even impossible if this transfer is required in the middle of the night. Our service can pick you up as soon as you have collected your bags, and we can whisk you to Heathrow taking only the best routes while also compensating for any problems with the traffic. Plane times can be very problematic, particularly when time is of the essence, but our drivers will be able to meet you with ease, and provide everything that you could want. Our cars are also built for different requirements, so it is important that you select a vehicle that can hold all of your party along with their baggage.